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Delight your customers with intuitive and consistent online ordering expereince built specifically for your restaurant

Our Mission

Implement a seamless online ordering solution for your restaurant. Increase restaurant efficiency and provide an enjoyable online ordering experience that encourages customer loyalty.

POS Integration

Obtain the highest levels of operational efficiency for your restaurant with tightly integrated mobile, web and app ordering. Our Integration works seamlessly with a variety of POS systems.

Menu Sync

No matter how complex your menu, changes made on your POS system automatically synchronize with your online ordering menu. This industry-leading feature saves tons of time and ensures your online ordering customers see exactly what you intend.

Group Ordering

Ideal to promote to local businesses! Provide your customers with the ability to invite others to order on their tab. This is a great way to serve local business.

Call Center Services

Our innovative call center capabilities enable your business to quickly process orders while keeping your staff’s focus on in-house customers.

Premium Design

Our modern, effective and intuitive menu themes provide for a quick and easy ordering process. Online orders result in ticket sizes approximately $3 higher than traditional call in orders.


Want to prevent out of stock items from being ordered? When your system reports no inventory remaining of a certain item, the interface is updated, preventing out of stock items from being order and a poor customer expereince.

Ecommerce Processing

Configure your account to accept online transactions. Get setup with our own in-house ecommerce gateway. Patronpath is PCI compliant and safeguards your data

Management Console

Need to send an order to your POS early? Want to check out tomorrow’s orders? Refund a transaction? Enjoy a feature-rich admin portal with these features and many more to help optimize your online business.

Mobile Application

Provide your customers a custom mobile application built specifically for your restaurant complete with in-app ordering, mobile payments, push notifications and more.

Order Throttling

Order throttling enables a quota to be placed on the dollar value of orders accepted online within a given time frame. When the quota is reached, pickup/delivery times for new online orders are automatically adjusted.


Easily include customizable coupon codes to apply to an entire order or only certain items using a percentage or dollar off amount. Patronpath makes it easy to entice your customers


On demand and scheduled reporting to meet the needs of your business. Customize your own reports to show order activity for your enterprise or a single location.

“Patronpath is the go-to company for getting your restaurant online. From second to none integration with our point of sale system, to good old fashioned person to person customer service; these guys are the best in their field. I highly recommend Patronpath. Great product and great team.”

Amy V.
“The 4 Rivers mobile app has revolutionized the way we transact and interact with our customers”

John R
4 Rivers Smokehouse

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