Use Online Ordering to Drive More Takeout Orders

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Increase Business, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Efficiency

restaurant-street800Looking for a way to increase business? Look no further than improving your takeout business. Takeout increases revenues and profits without the need to invest in operations or facility costs. And when you include online ordering for restaurants as your key strategy to drive your takeout business, you’ll see the following benefits:

Staff spends more time taking care of in-house customers
Shifting phone orders to online orders frees your staff from taking phone orders, allowing that time to be spent taking care of in-house customers.

Increased Order Frequency
Your customers find ordering online to be easy and convenient. Parents lead busy lives, increasing their frequency of ordering takeout. Ordering via mobile is popular among millennials and gaining popularity across all customer segments. The easy-to-read menu and features such as saving favorite items and favorite orders encourages multiple orders.

Increased Average Order Size
When ordering online, customers spend the time to peruse your entire menu and order items they may not have been aware of in the past. Your online menu also includes automatic upsells, increasing the average ticket and thus your overall profit.

Increased Order Accuracy
Online orders for takeout are more accurate, since the customer submits exactly what they want and the order is injected directly to your point of sale system. No language barriers or order entry mistakes.

In order to realize these benefits, you must market your takeout business accordingly. Promote the ability to order online both in-house and within your market area. Apply your branding to takeout containers and packaging, and train you staff to encourage customers placing orders via the telephone to try online ordering. Maintain a database and use email marketing to encourage repeat orders. Make a powerful impact with takeout!

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Use Your Website and Social Media Marketing to Drive Online Ordering

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Plenty of Channels Available to “Be Where Your Customers Are”

Social MediaMarketing your business online begins at your website and extends to channels your customers and potential customers are most likely visiting. Those channels can be many, starting with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You might consider YouTube, Yelp, Foursquare, and Google+ to extend your presence further.

With online ordering for restaurants, you have a great opportunity to drive traffic to your web and mobile ordering site as well as directly to your physical location by regularly participating in social media marketing. Everyone has limited resources, so choose only two or three channels like your website, Facebook, and Twitter to get started. (Find an incredible amount of resources available when you Google “get started social media marketing.”)

Make the most of your carry out business when you promote mobile and web ordering via these social media channels. Remember, your business has much greater capacity than the number of tables in your restaurant. Embrace the channels your customers are visiting and watch your carry out sales grow!

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Use Email and Text Marketing to Drive Online Ordering Sales

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Increase Frequency Among Current Customers with Regular Communication

Email and Text MarketingOnline ordering for restaurants is more than configuring your point of sale and uploading your menu. “If you build it, he will come” was true and amazing in Field of Dreams – unfortunately the same does not hold true when referring to mobile and web ordering. Promote the ease and convenience of placing orders online to not only convert your phone traffic to web traffic but also to keep customers engaged and loyal.

Two excellent tools to promote online ordering are text message marketing, and email marketing. Patronpath offers these solutions in addition to online ordering to make it easy to communicate with those that have opted-in to receive marketing messages.

Text marketing works best to drive traffic right now. Use text marketing to:

  • Increase online ordering business. Send text subscriber only specials to build loyalty. Link directly to your ordering site from the text message to show patrons how easy it is to order quickly.
  • Increase in-store business. Want more people at your traditionally slow happy hour on Tuesday? Send a text message at 3:30pm to promote your 4pm – 6pm happy hour. Include a compelling offer and track the number of people showing the text message upon arrival.

Email marketing increases order frequency and keeps your best customers informed. Use email marketing to:

  • Increase loyalty by treating these customers to email-only specials.
  • Drive traffic to your online ordering site with short and relevant messaging.

When using email marketing and text message marketing, you leverage your online ordering customer database to increase sales. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

Promote Mobile and Web Ordering to Benefit Patrons and Store Operations

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How many of these online ordering tactics are you employing in your restaurant?

Multiple avenues are available to promote the benefits of mobile and web ordering to patrons. Restaurant operations benefit when migrating phone-in orders to online orders by freeing up staff, optimizing order accuracy, increasing order frequency, and increasing average ticket.

  • To help migrate existing phone-in carry out orders:
  • Standardize phone transactions by training staff to encourage patrons to try the easy online ordering interface to place the next order. A promotional discount code might be used as an incentive.
  • Use the voicemail greeting or on-hold messaging to promote mobile and web ordering.
  • Include verbiage “order online at . . .” on receipts, to-go containers, window clings, posters/banners, table tents, bag stuffers, menus, and other in-store promotional material.
  • During in-store checkout, train staff to promote mobile and web ordering to patrons.

To promote mobile and web ordering via online channels,

  • Refresh website to include a clear call to action to “Place Your Order Now.”
  • Prominently display the online ordering capability on all pages of the website.
  • Keep Facebook page updated with regular posts promoting online ordering.
  • Use Twitter to promote timely in-store events and daily specials.
  • Include website address and online ordering promotional text on all advertising collateral.

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