Point of Sale

Patronpath online ordering for restaurants updates and news relevant to point of sale systems within restaurants.

The Benefits of Point of Sale Integration

The Benefits of Point of Sale Integration 150 150 Torger

Efficient Operations, Happy Customers

The Patronpath mobile and web ordering platform integrates with popular point of sale systems to ensure the utmost in operational efficiencies at the restaurant level. The last thing an operator needs is an unwanted disruption in the often hectic flow of order taking, preparation, and presentation of the food order to the restaurant patron.

With point of sale integration, orders flow directly to the point of sale system in perfect sync with store operations. There is no need for multiple systems or manual entry – making this the most efficient and effective way to receive orders. Order accuracy is maintained, ensuring the patron receives exactly what they ordered.

To initiate the integration, the Patronpath onboarding team connects directly to the restaurant’s back of house computer to extract and build the online ordering menu. Orders fire directly from our server to the point of sale according to the prep time schedule determined by the restaurant. Orders are only received in the point of sale when they are ready for preparation by the kitchen.

The Patronpath integration works seamlessly with a variety of POS systems including Micros, POSitouch, Comtrex, Focus, and Aloha. Learn more about Patronpath at patronpath.com.