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New York Panini Succeeds with Patronpath Online Ordering

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“Great Product and Great Team”

nypaniniChristopher from family-owned and operated New York Panini in Huntington, New York has always had a good amount of takeout and delivery business. In order to ramp up not only his sales volume but also the level of service for diners placing orders, he looked to Patronpath to handle his admittedly very particular needs.

Of utmost importance to Christopher was:

  • Better experience for patrons placing orders.
  • Better use of staff time to serve in-house customers.
  • Integration with Micros POS.
  • Flexible vendor to handle his particular needs.

In the first two full months offering online ordering on their website, New York Panini received 400, then 522 orders. According to Christopher, “We are doing double digit online orders daily, which is saving us hours of time over the prior method of taking phone calls and placing orders manually in our system. We are now able to focus on getting more food out to our customers.”

With Patronpath online ordering integrated with the Micros point of sale at New York Panini, orders are directly injected from mobile devices and web browsers and appear just in time for preparation like any other takeout order. Since orders appear normally, there is no negative impact on the operation. Christopher added, “The Patronpath team was not only relentless in getting us setup when we were very particular on what we wanted, but also throughout our first few weeks of launch they were there for us 100% – we couldn’t be happier with them.”

“Patronpath is the go-to company for getting your restaurant online. From second to none integration with our point of sale system, to good old fashioned person to person customer service; these guys are the best in their field. I highly recommend Patronpath. Great product and great team.”

About New York Panini: New York Panini is located at 9 Wall Street in Huntington, New York. Family owned and operated since 2009, New York Panini makes the best panini – period. For dine in, carry out, delivery, and catering – learn more at

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Get Started With Online Ordering – Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started With Online Ordering – Frequently Asked Questions 150 150 Torger

Increase Sales and Profits with Online Ordering in Your Restaurant

food-878448_800As a restaurant operator, why would I want online ordering?

  • First and foremost, because your customers are demanding it. Online ordering meets the needs of today’s consumer looking for convenience and speed. Secondly, because online ordering solves business challenges: Inaccurate orders keyed in by staff from phone-in orders are now 100% accurate when received from patrons placing orders online. Slow times of the week are now addressed with timely online promotions. You open a new channel of revenue by increasing the number of carry out orders processed and enjoy the revenue and profit generated.

What effect will online ordering have on my day to day operations?

  • Since online orders are directly injected to your supported point of sale system, the impact is the same as any other carry out order, except there was no phone call, no manual entry, and no staff person pulled away from other duties to take the order. The order is 100% accurate, and likely a larger dollar amount than a normal carry out order since the patron sees all the menu items, is ordering on their own time and on their terms, and has the opportunity to purchase add-on items.

What if I don’t have a supported point of sale system?

  • You can still enjoy the benefits of offering online ordering to your patrons. Online orders may also be delivered to you via email, fax, or web connected printer. We currently integrate with Aloha, Comtrex, Focus, Micros, and POSitouch. We are also always looking at additional point of sale integration opportunities, so please ask us!

How do my customers know my restaurant now has online ordering?

How are payments handled?

  • Customers placing orders may choose to pay at pickup, or pay online. Credit card orders are passed through a secure internet gateway which is tied in to your existing merchant account. That means there is no need to change your current merchant processor.

We are confident we can answer any questions and handle your unique circumstances. Contact us today and learn how quickly online ordering can be earning additional profit for your business.

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Solution Selling Online Ordering for Restaurants

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Identify business challenges, then solve problems with Patronpath

Solution SellingSolution selling focuses on the buyer’s need rather than a feature or benefit, specifically identifying pain points encountered in the restaurant. What restaurant doesn’t have business challenges? Our consultative approach to selling is based on uncovering those challenges and focusing on how Patronpath mobile and web ordering can help solve problems.

What are the business challenges online ordering helps alleviate? Specific challenges vary from restaurant to restaurant, but the most common we find include:

Staff is taken away from other duties while taking phone orders from customers placing a takeout order.

  • While this is common and deemed a necessary business activity at many restaurants, online ordering removes this challenge. Patronpath Client Development Director CJ Teeter states, “We often hear that handling all of the incoming phone in orders can take a toll on the staff’s efficiency and ability focus on in-store guests. This is particularly true during rush hours, like weekday lunches and weekend dinners.”

Online ordering creates a more convenient experience for the customer as well. CJ continues, “Guests can order via the web or mobile without having to call into the store. This creates for a more efficient ordering process, both for the guest and for the restaurant.”

We advise our clients to train their staff to convert those customers who phone in their orders to use the online ordering interface next time. Once the restaurant customer finds how easy and convenient online ordering is, they stop calling in their order.

Takeout orders are inaccurate, causing customer complaints.

  • When compared to phone orders, customers placing orders online are in complete control. There is no language barrier, and the restaurant staff is not distracted while taking a phone order – leading to inaccuracies and upset customers. Orders are complete and accurate.

Even though I train my staff to upsell over the phone, my average ticket is flat.

  • Average ticket increase as well as repeat visits are the hallmarks of online ordering. Our customers see an average ticket increase of 30% or more when compared to phone orders. (See Someburros case study here.) CJ Teeter explains, “Online ordering is a great way to keep your guests coming back time and again and helps build and cement brand loyalty. The ability for guests to save their personal information, such as their favorite orders and contacts for their group orders, makes ordering quick and easy.”

My current online ordering provider does not talk to my point of sale, causing me extra work.

Do you see any similarities in your operation? Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

Canadian Honker Now Live with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Canadian Honker Now Live with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

All Case Studies:  Someburros  |  New York Panini  |  Original Pancake House  |  Canadian Honker

General Manager realizes “Online ordering is the best thing we ever did!”

online orderingSue Lee, general manager at Canadian Honker Restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota was not sold on the benefits of online ordering. “I was not totally convinced that online ordering would benefit our operation,” stated Sue. “We have good volume in takeout, with an average ticket of about $30 for phone orders. We are familiar with the takeout process, not the online ordering process.”

When their Micros point of sale representative Mike Gunderson at North Country Business Products recommended Patronpath Mobile and Web Ordering for Canadian Honker, the Patronpath sales staff took action. Sue continued, “I loved the way CJ (Patronpath Client Development Director CJ Teeter) periodically checked back to see if he could help us in any way. Even though I took my time to make a decision, he was not pushy – which I loved.”

With Patronpath online ordering integrated with Micros point of sale, orders are directly injected from mobile devices and web browsers and appear just in time for preparation like any other takeout order. Since orders appear normally, there is no negative impact on the operation. This fact put Sue at ease. In addition, when phone orders are converted to online orders, time staff spends on the phone is minimized, increasing operational efficiency. “Our phone rings less, so we can be productive in other areas,” added Sue.

Increase in average ticket over phone orders, along with greater accuracy, are also benefits of mobile and web ordering. “More people are adding dessert on their online order versus when our staff takes the order on the phone,” Sue stated. “We love the fact that the customer is in charge of placing the order, which leaves less room for error.”

During the onboarding process, “I worked with Mark (Patronpath POS Systems Integrator & Support Lead Mark Greiner) to get our Micros system ready for online orders. Mark was very knowledgeable, friendly, and had the patience to work with me.”

Sue concluded, “At first, we were scared to make this move. Now, we think this is the best thing we ever did! You have a great team at Patronpath! We are so happy with the online ordering and getting a lot of compliments from our customers on how easy it is to use!”

About Canadian Honker: Canadian Honker Restaurant, located at 1203 2nd Street SW in Rochester, Minnesota is known for providing a friendly and comfortable home away from home atmosphere with exceptional customer service and outstanding homemade meals. With over a quarter century of preparing the freshest foods and being a part of many special memories, Canadian Honker looks forward to connecting with you. Learn more at and contact General Manager Sue Lee at

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How Can Patronpath Help Your Restaurant Delivery Business?

How Can Patronpath Help Your Restaurant Delivery Business? 150 150 Torger

Online ordering for restaurants is ideally suited to handle restaurant delivery

Restaurant DeliveryDelivery is popular. When looking for meal options, customers looking for convenience are choosing restaurant delivery to help save precious time. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast, 80 percent of millennials (ages 18-34) said they would likely use delivery at a limited service restaurant. 60 percent of all adults indicated they would likely use delivery.

If you currently include delivery as part of your day-to-day operation, Patronpath has the tools to help optimize this part of your business.

  • Delivery is prominently displayed as an option on your online ordering page.
  • Integration with Google Maps defines your delivery zone at the street level.
  • Delivery hours are managed separately from takeout hours.
  • Multiple options are available to include delivery fees.
  • Drivers can accept tips upon delivery using our post transaction tipping feature.
  • Separate reporting for delivery orders.
  • Orders are injected to the point of sale system just like takeout orders.

If you outsource delivery to a third-party,

  • Your customers use the same online ordering interface.
  • Orders are sent to your existing delivery partner for fulfillment.

While delivery certainly adds a level of complexity to your operation, building this component can help increase sales without increasing the size of your physical plant. Customers looking for convenience are placing takeout and delivery orders online. Your operation is not disrupted by phone calls, orders are accurate, and upsells are built-in. By using Patronpath online ordering and keeping your delivery in-house, the relationship with the patron, and the profits, remain with the restaurant.

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Change Location Feature Included with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Change Location Feature Included with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Patrons easily access all restaurant locations offering online ordering

Change Location FeatureDo you operate a multi-unit restaurant business? With Patronpath online ordering for restaurants, your multiple locations are listed when patrons select the change location link within the online ordering interface. The link is displayed at the top of every online ordering page, whether using a mobile device or a web browser on a computer.

Here are a few of the benefits included when using the Change Location feature:

  • Simple interface – Either via mobile, or via web, the uncluttered interface allows patrons easily select the preferred location – then proceed to order.
  • The selected location is displayed at the top of the page during the complete ordering process to help prevent patrons ordering from an unintended location.
  • Geolocation – The interface uses geolocation technology to display the nearest restaurant location. Patrons may always select any of the locations listed on the map.
  • Patrons may change locations during the ordering process if they’ve realized the order needs to be picked up near home instead of at the location near work.
  • Restaurant operators avoid building their own locations page for units that accept online ordering.
  • A Google Maps link for the selected restaurant address is auto populated for the patron. This comes in very handy when ordering via mobile phone and need driving directions to pickup the order.

Check out these live examples from Thai by Thai and from Gyroville. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

Custom Development from Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Custom Development from Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Consult with our development team to add flexibility

custom developmentDo you have a great idea you’d like to explore to enhance your online ordering presence? The Patronpath development team consults with and enables restaurants to realize greater efficiencies on a regular basis. With our open platform, we are able to work with third parties and provide elegant solutions.

Here are some of the areas where our development team has customized solutions (many based on customer requests):

  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration: The key to efficient online ordering is direct injection of mobile and web orders to your existing point of sale system. We have successfully integrated with Aloha, Comtrex, Focus, Micros, and POSitouch.
  • Payment Integration: Our development team has created direct integrations with, eProcessing, and Mercury payment systems – with more in the pipeline. Direct integration negates the need for a third party gateway and avoids additional fees.
  • Mobile Payments: Restaurants may choose to use LevelUp as a payment option offered to patrons placing food orders online.
  • Loyalty Integration: Patrons earn loyalty rewards when using LevelUp as a payment method.
  • Custom Theme: Our development team offers you more flexibility through the tailoring of online ordering. You seamlessly leverage your current branding and relationship with clients with a custom theme.
  • Call Center: Utilize our customized stand-alone call center application for your existing call center agents, or enjoy our complete inbound call center service.

Other custom development projects we have implemented include Post Transaction Tipping, Order Throttling, 86 Out of Stock, and Menu Sync technologies.

Restaurant operations are often hectic and demanding. We understand that technology should be solving problems and enhancing profitability, not getting in the way. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

Increase Average Order Size with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Increase Average Order Size with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Use these tactics to help increase revenue

vintage-register800Online ordering is an ideal mechanism to help increase average order size. What is your current average order size for phone-in takeout orders? How does that compare to your online order size? Use the Patronpath management console to determine average order size for online orders and your existing reporting and analytics tools to determine average order size for phone-in takeout orders.

We have often found that the average online order size is higher than phone orders due to:

  • the suggestive selling that is automatically recommending additional items to include with the order;
  • your customers take more time to browse the menu and find items they may have not normally ordered if they were placing the order via the phone;
  • the lack of active suggestive selling when staff takes orders via phone.

To help ensure you have the best selection of upsells available online, the Patronpath management console allows for an upsell collection to be created and placed on appropriate menu items. Upsell collections are created and completed during the setup process. Additional upsell collections can be created, and existing upsell collections may be modified at any time.

There are many more tactics you can employ to enhance the built-in suggestive selling included with online ordering. Try these both in store and online to increase average order size:

  • Combos – Packaging a popular meal increases convenience. Highlight combos online and in-store.
  • Discounts with minimum purchase – Be smart when discounting. Offer an attractive discount only with a minimum purchase to keep your average order size high.
  • Limited time offers – Don’t eat into your margins by continuing a promotion for a lengthy period of time. Keep the redemption period short to increase demand.
  • Bounce back coupon offer on minimum purchase – Offer customers a discount on minimum purchase only available on their next visit. Make sure the discount does not decrease your average ticket amount.

Do some testing and strike a balance between the discounts offered and your profit margin. Remember, looking at ways to increase average order size is just one strategy to help with profitability. You are likely already evaluating and adjusting food cost, menu pricing, proper portion size, inventory control, and other variable expenses that have the greatest effect on the profitability of your business.

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Use Online Ordering to Drive More Takeout Orders

Use Online Ordering to Drive More Takeout Orders 150 150 Torger

Increase Business, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Efficiency

restaurant-street800Looking for a way to increase business? Look no further than improving your takeout business. Takeout increases revenues and profits without the need to invest in operations or facility costs. And when you include online ordering for restaurants as your key strategy to drive your takeout business, you’ll see the following benefits:

Staff spends more time taking care of in-house customers
Shifting phone orders to online orders frees your staff from taking phone orders, allowing that time to be spent taking care of in-house customers.

Increased Order Frequency
Your customers find ordering online to be easy and convenient. Parents lead busy lives, increasing their frequency of ordering takeout. Ordering via mobile is popular among millennials and gaining popularity across all customer segments. The easy-to-read menu and features such as saving favorite items and favorite orders encourages multiple orders.

Increased Average Order Size
When ordering online, customers spend the time to peruse your entire menu and order items they may not have been aware of in the past. Your online menu also includes automatic upsells, increasing the average ticket and thus your overall profit.

Increased Order Accuracy
Online orders for takeout are more accurate, since the customer submits exactly what they want and the order is injected directly to your point of sale system. No language barriers or order entry mistakes.

In order to realize these benefits, you must market your takeout business accordingly. Promote the ability to order online both in-house and within your market area. Apply your branding to takeout containers and packaging, and train you staff to encourage customers placing orders via the telephone to try online ordering. Maintain a database and use email marketing to encourage repeat orders. Make a powerful impact with takeout!

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Announcing Patronpath Call Center Services for Restaurants

Announcing Patronpath Call Center Services for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Improve Employee Productivity and Restaurant Profits with Outsourced Call Center Technology

restaurant-people800With Patronpath Call Center Services, restaurants may now provide their customers with immediate response and timely results. A call center is a centralized place where phone calls from customers requesting carryout or delivery orders are handled. The Patronpath Call Center uses the custom application developed by Patronpath specifically for call center agents to quickly place customer orders. These orders are then injected directly to the restaurant’s supported point of sale system.

Can a call center improve my business?
Yes! As your restaurant receives more and more phone calls for takeout and delivery orders, your in-house employees are taken away from their primary responsibilities and may have a hard time keeping up with the demand. Save labor costs by outsourcing customer phone calls to the Patronpath  Call Center. Your in-house staff can then spend more time preparing food and serving customers inside the restaurant.

Do you already have a call center?
Your restaurant may already outsource to an existing call center. If so, ask us about our custom application developed specifically for call center agents. Our application enables your call center to quickly process orders, freeing your internal staff to focus on your in-house customers. If you already have a call center to handle online and call-in orders, or are thinking of adding one, you’ll appreciate how Patronpath helps increase your efficiency.

Contact CJ Teeter, client development director, to learn more about our:

  • Call center application for existing call center agents
  • Complete call center services for restaurants

Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at