Get Started With Online Ordering – Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started With Online Ordering – Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started With Online Ordering – Frequently Asked Questions 150 150 Torger

Increase Sales and Profits with Online Ordering in Your Restaurant

food-878448_800As a restaurant operator, why would I want online ordering?

  • First and foremost, because your customers are demanding it. Online ordering meets the needs of today’s consumer looking for convenience and speed. Secondly, because online ordering solves business challenges: Inaccurate orders keyed in by staff from phone-in orders are now 100% accurate when received from patrons placing orders online. Slow times of the week are now addressed with timely online promotions. You open a new channel of revenue by increasing the number of carry out orders processed and enjoy the revenue and profit generated.

What effect will online ordering have on my day to day operations?

  • Since online orders are directly injected to your supported point of sale system, the impact is the same as any other carry out order, except there was no phone call, no manual entry, and no staff person pulled away from other duties to take the order. The order is 100% accurate, and likely a larger dollar amount than a normal carry out order since the patron sees all the menu items, is ordering on their own time and on their terms, and has the opportunity to purchase add-on items.

What if I don’t have a supported point of sale system?

  • You can still enjoy the benefits of offering online ordering to your patrons. Online orders may also be delivered to you via email, fax, or web connected printer. We currently integrate with Aloha, Comtrex, Focus, Micros, and POSitouch. We are also always looking at additional point of sale integration opportunities, so please ask us!

How do my customers know my restaurant now has online ordering?

How are payments handled?

  • Customers placing orders may choose to pay at pickup, or pay online. Credit card orders are passed through a secure internet gateway which is tied in to your existing merchant account. That means there is no need to change your current merchant processor.

We are confident we can answer any questions and handle your unique circumstances. Contact us today and learn how quickly online ordering can be earning additional profit for your business.

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