Solution Selling Online Ordering for Restaurants

Solution Selling Online Ordering for Restaurants

Solution Selling Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Identify business challenges, then solve problems with Patronpath

Solution SellingSolution selling focuses on the buyer’s need rather than a feature or benefit, specifically identifying pain points encountered in the restaurant. What restaurant doesn’t have business challenges? Our consultative approach to selling is based on uncovering those challenges and focusing on how Patronpath mobile and web ordering can help solve problems.

What are the business challenges online ordering helps alleviate? Specific challenges vary from restaurant to restaurant, but the most common we find include:

Staff is taken away from other duties while taking phone orders from customers placing a takeout order.

  • While this is common and deemed a necessary business activity at many restaurants, online ordering removes this challenge. Patronpath Client Development Director CJ Teeter states, “We often hear that handling all of the incoming phone in orders can take a toll on the staff’s efficiency and ability focus on in-store guests. This is particularly true during rush hours, like weekday lunches and weekend dinners.”

Online ordering creates a more convenient experience for the customer as well. CJ continues, “Guests can order via the web or mobile without having to call into the store. This creates for a more efficient ordering process, both for the guest and for the restaurant.”

We advise our clients to train their staff to convert those customers who phone in their orders to use the online ordering interface next time. Once the restaurant customer finds how easy and convenient online ordering is, they stop calling in their order.

Takeout orders are inaccurate, causing customer complaints.

  • When compared to phone orders, customers placing orders online are in complete control. There is no language barrier, and the restaurant staff is not distracted while taking a phone order – leading to inaccuracies and upset customers. Orders are complete and accurate.

Even though I train my staff to upsell over the phone, my average ticket is flat.

  • Average ticket increase as well as repeat visits are the hallmarks of online ordering. Our customers see an average ticket increase of 30% or more when compared to phone orders. (See Someburros case study here.) CJ Teeter explains, “Online ordering is a great way to keep your guests coming back time and again and helps build and cement brand loyalty. The ability for guests to save their personal information, such as their favorite orders and contacts for their group orders, makes ordering quick and easy.”

My current online ordering provider does not talk to my point of sale, causing me extra work.

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