Canadian Honker Now Live with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Canadian Honker Now Live with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Canadian Honker Now Live with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

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General Manager realizes “Online ordering is the best thing we ever did!”

online orderingSue Lee, general manager at Canadian Honker Restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota was not sold on the benefits of online ordering. “I was not totally convinced that online ordering would benefit our operation,” stated Sue. “We have good volume in takeout, with an average ticket of about $30 for phone orders. We are familiar with the takeout process, not the online ordering process.”

When their Micros point of sale representative Mike Gunderson at North Country Business Products recommended Patronpath Mobile and Web Ordering for Canadian Honker, the Patronpath sales staff took action. Sue continued, “I loved the way CJ (Patronpath Client Development Director CJ Teeter) periodically checked back to see if he could help us in any way. Even though I took my time to make a decision, he was not pushy – which I loved.”

With Patronpath online ordering integrated with Micros point of sale, orders are directly injected from mobile devices and web browsers and appear just in time for preparation like any other takeout order. Since orders appear normally, there is no negative impact on the operation. This fact put Sue at ease. In addition, when phone orders are converted to online orders, time staff spends on the phone is minimized, increasing operational efficiency. “Our phone rings less, so we can be productive in other areas,” added Sue.

Increase in average ticket over phone orders, along with greater accuracy, are also benefits of mobile and web ordering. “More people are adding dessert on their online order versus when our staff takes the order on the phone,” Sue stated. “We love the fact that the customer is in charge of placing the order, which leaves less room for error.”

During the onboarding process, “I worked with Mark (Patronpath POS Systems Integrator & Support Lead Mark Greiner) to get our Micros system ready for online orders. Mark was very knowledgeable, friendly, and had the patience to work with me.”

Sue concluded, “At first, we were scared to make this move. Now, we think this is the best thing we ever did! You have a great team at Patronpath! We are so happy with the online ordering and getting a lot of compliments from our customers on how easy it is to use!”

About Canadian Honker: Canadian Honker Restaurant, located at 1203 2nd Street SW in Rochester, Minnesota is known for providing a friendly and comfortable home away from home atmosphere with exceptional customer service and outstanding homemade meals. With over a quarter century of preparing the freshest foods and being a part of many special memories, Canadian Honker looks forward to connecting with you. Learn more at and contact General Manager Sue Lee at

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