Change Location Feature Included with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Patrons easily access all restaurant locations offering online ordering

Change Location FeatureDo you operate a multi-unit restaurant business? With Patronpath online ordering for restaurants, your multiple locations are listed when patrons select the change location link within the online ordering interface. The link is displayed at the top of every online ordering page, whether using a mobile device or a web browser on a computer.

Here are a few of the benefits included when using the Change Location feature:

  • Simple interface – Either via mobile, or via web, the uncluttered interface allows patrons easily select the preferred location – then proceed to order.
  • The selected location is displayed at the top of the page during the complete ordering process to help prevent patrons ordering from an unintended location.
  • Geolocation – The interface uses geolocation technology to display the nearest restaurant location. Patrons may always select any of the locations listed on the map.
  • Patrons may change locations during the ordering process if they’ve realized the order needs to be picked up near home instead of at the location near work.
  • Restaurant operators avoid building their own locations page for units that accept online ordering.
  • A Google Maps link for the selected restaurant address is auto populated for the patron. This comes in very handy when ordering via mobile phone and need driving directions to pickup the order.

Check out these live examples from Thai by Thai and from Gyroville. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

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