Custom Development from Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Custom Development from Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Custom Development from Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Consult with our development team to add flexibility

custom developmentDo you have a great idea you’d like to explore to enhance your online ordering presence? The Patronpath development team consults with and enables restaurants to realize greater efficiencies on a regular basis. With our open platform, we are able to work with third parties and provide elegant solutions.

Here are some of the areas where our development team has customized solutions (many based on customer requests):

  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration: The key to efficient online ordering is direct injection of mobile and web orders to your existing point of sale system. We have successfully integrated with Aloha, Comtrex, Focus, Micros, and POSitouch.
  • Payment Integration: Our development team has created direct integrations with, eProcessing, and Mercury payment systems – with more in the pipeline. Direct integration negates the need for a third party gateway and avoids additional fees.
  • Mobile Payments: Restaurants may choose to use LevelUp as a payment option offered to patrons placing food orders online.
  • Loyalty Integration: Patrons earn loyalty rewards when using LevelUp as a payment method.
  • Custom Theme: Our development team offers you more flexibility through the tailoring of online ordering. You seamlessly leverage your current branding and relationship with clients with a custom theme.
  • Call Center: Utilize our customized stand-alone call center application for your existing call center agents, or enjoy our complete inbound call center service.

Other custom development projects we have implemented include Post Transaction Tipping, Order Throttling, 86 Out of Stock, and Menu Sync technologies.

Restaurant operations are often hectic and demanding. We understand that technology should be solving problems and enhancing profitability, not getting in the way. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at