Increase Average Order Size with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Increase Average Order Size with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants

Increase Average Order Size with Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Use these tactics to help increase revenue

vintage-register800Online ordering is an ideal mechanism to help increase average order size. What is your current average order size for phone-in takeout orders? How does that compare to your online order size? Use the Patronpath management console to determine average order size for online orders and your existing reporting and analytics tools to determine average order size for phone-in takeout orders.

We have often found that the average online order size is higher than phone orders due to:

  • the suggestive selling that is automatically recommending additional items to include with the order;
  • your customers take more time to browse the menu and find items they may have not normally ordered if they were placing the order via the phone;
  • the lack of active suggestive selling when staff takes orders via phone.

To help ensure you have the best selection of upsells available online, the Patronpath management console allows for an upsell collection to be created and placed on appropriate menu items. Upsell collections are created and completed during the setup process. Additional upsell collections can be created, and existing upsell collections may be modified at any time.

There are many more tactics you can employ to enhance the built-in suggestive selling included with online ordering. Try these both in store and online to increase average order size:

  • Combos – Packaging a popular meal increases convenience. Highlight combos online and in-store.
  • Discounts with minimum purchase – Be smart when discounting. Offer an attractive discount only with a minimum purchase to keep your average order size high.
  • Limited time offers – Don’t eat into your margins by continuing a promotion for a lengthy period of time. Keep the redemption period short to increase demand.
  • Bounce back coupon offer on minimum purchase – Offer customers a discount on minimum purchase only available on their next visit. Make sure the discount does not decrease your average ticket amount.

Do some testing and strike a balance between the discounts offered and your profit margin. Remember, looking at ways to increase average order size is just one strategy to help with profitability. You are likely already evaluating and adjusting food cost, menu pricing, proper portion size, inventory control, and other variable expenses that have the greatest effect on the profitability of your business.

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