Announcing Patronpath Call Center Services for Restaurants

Announcing Patronpath Call Center Services for Restaurants

Announcing Patronpath Call Center Services for Restaurants 150 150 Torger

Improve Employee Productivity and Restaurant Profits with Outsourced Call Center Technology

restaurant-people800With Patronpath Call Center Services, restaurants may now provide their customers with immediate response and timely results. A call center is a centralized place where phone calls from customers requesting carryout or delivery orders are handled. The Patronpath Call Center uses the custom application developed by Patronpath specifically for call center agents to quickly place customer orders. These orders are then injected directly to the restaurant’s supported point of sale system.

Can a call center improve my business?
Yes! As your restaurant receives more and more phone calls for takeout and delivery orders, your in-house employees are taken away from their primary responsibilities and may have a hard time keeping up with the demand. Save labor costs by outsourcing customer phone calls to the Patronpath  Call Center. Your in-house staff can then spend more time preparing food and serving customers inside the restaurant.

Do you already have a call center?
Your restaurant may already outsource to an existing call center. If so, ask us about our custom application developed specifically for call center agents. Our application enables your call center to quickly process orders, freeing your internal staff to focus on your in-house customers. If you already have a call center to handle online and call-in orders, or are thinking of adding one, you’ll appreciate how Patronpath helps increase your efficiency.

Contact CJ Teeter, client development director, to learn more about our:

  • Call center application for existing call center agents
  • Complete call center services for restaurants

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