Post Transaction Tipping Feature

Post Transaction Tipping Feature

Post Transaction Tipping Feature 150 150 Torger

Delivery Drivers May Now Add Tips to Credit Card Transactions

Delivery DriverThe Patronpath development team is acutely aware of the feedback received from customers. A recent upgrade to the Patronpath online ordering for restaurants platform included a new feature based on customer feedback called Post Transaction Tipping. The bottom line with this feature is that delivery drivers are now able to include tips in the original credit card transaction.

Patrons ordering for delivery often wait until the order is actually delivered to add a tip. Prior to the new post transaction tipping feature, the only way for the driver to collect tips was via cash upon delivery. This presented real difficulty when patrons wanted to use their credit card to tip the driver.

  • With the post transaction tipping feature enabled:
  • The credit card transaction remains open and the driver presents the check to the patron upon food delivery.
  • The patron adds the tip to the check and returns it to the driver.
  • The driver returns to the restaurant and the final transaction is totaled and closed.

The new post transaction tipping feature is just one of the many ways Patronpath customers continue to benefit from our ever evolving and improving service. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at