Online Ordering for Restaurants Increases Operational Efficiency

Handle All Carry-Out Orders Exactly the Same Way, Regardless of Source

Operational EfficiencyStill wavering on your decision to implement online ordering in your restaurant? What may seem daunting from the outset has actually evolved into a change that impacts the operation in many positive ways. Orders generated via the online channel should be thought of as simply “orders,” and not elevated to the level where special handling is required. Errors rarely occur, with orders injecting directly to your point of sale system and payment being handled by your internet gateway. If you already handle carry-out or delivery, online orders are simply “orders.”

There is no need to differentiate handling based on the source of the order since your operation works the same way to fulfill every carry-out order whether the order originates via phone, walk-up, mobile, or web. The exact same operational process occurs regardless of how the order initiated. Focus your thoughts on the positive aspects the online ordering channel provides!

Providing mobile and web ordering for your customers:

  • Eliminates the time on the phone your staff used to spend taking orders from customers.
  • Increases upsell opportunities (staff taking orders via the phone rarely upsell).
  • Increased order accuracy (the customer chooses exactly what they want and both parties have electronic records of the order).
  • Increases frequency (once customers see how easy it is to order via mobile, they’ll come back again and again).
  • Average ticket increases (customer who take the time to peruse your entire menu tend order more).
  • Direct injection to point of sale eliminates potential mistakes of manual order entry from a phoned in order.
  • Online payment via credit card speeds time at the pick up counter, increasing customer satisfaction.

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