How to Use Coupon Codes to Drive Online Ordering Traffic

How to Use Coupon Codes to Drive Online Ordering Traffic

How to Use Coupon Codes to Drive Online Ordering Traffic 150 150 Torger

Patronpath makes it easy to entice your customers to use mobile and web ordering.

restaurant_table_800The Patronpath mobile and web ordering management console includes all the tools you need to use coupons in your marketing efforts. Coupon codes may be used to apply discounts to an entire order, or to only certain menu items using either a percentage or dollar off amount. A minimum amount threshold may also be set before a coupon is valid (“save $5 off your next $25 minimum order” for example).

Potential opportunities for promotion using coupon codes for online ordering are many:

  • Convert customers who phone in their order to use online ordering with a coupon incentive.
  • Treat those customers who have signed up to your email marketing list to special offers.
  • As part of your text marketing program, include a coupon code to drive orders during traditionally slower times.
  • As a reward for signing up for your text marketing program or loyalty program.
  • Use on table tents and window clings to drive traffic to your mobile and web ordering site.
  • Display coupon codes in store during special promotional periods to drive online traffic.
  • Provide incentive to new Twitter followers with a coupon code in your automated response.
  • Use your creativity to wisely use coupon codes as part of your social media strategy.

Use the Patronpath online ordering management console to manage your coupon code expiration dates, as well as run reports to track usage.

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