Secure Transactions Protect You and Your Customers

Secure Transactions Protect You and Your Customers

Secure Transactions Protect You and Your Customers 150 150 Torger

Have you ever wondered how credit card transactions work when patrons order food online?

credit-card-photo-800Rest assured, with Patronpath mobile and web ordering, your data is safe and transactions are processed using secure and approved industry standards. Patronpath is PCI compliant and safeguards your data.

Restaurants subscribe to an internet payment gateway service which allows them to accept online transactions through their existing merchant processor. The gateway is a secure link between the online ordering interface, the restaurant and their credit card processor. When the patron enters their credit card number, the transaction is authorized in real time and the patron knows immediately whether or not their credit card was approved. The payment gateway captures the credit card transaction, encrypts the transaction information, and routes it to the credit card processor.

At the end of the day, the payment gateway groups the transactions and sends them to the restaurant’s bank in a single batch. This process is known as settling. This is a separate batch from transactions that were made inside the restaurant.

To help prevent fraud, the internet payment gateway service includes screening tools such as address verification and card verification (CVV) to ensure the transactions are legitimate. No credit card information is stored by Patronpath, and only the encrypted transaction information is stored by the gateway.

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