Group Ordering Feature Enables Big Ticket Orders

Group Ordering Feature Enables Big Ticket Orders

Group Ordering Feature Enables Big Ticket Orders 150 150 Torger

Promote to Local Businesses as an Added Convenience to Ordering Lunch Online

lunch-kitchen800Do you want to enable businesses around your restaurant an easy way to order group meals online? Introduce them to Group Ordering from Patronpath. This is a great way to serve local businesses and sales reps who buy lunches for group meetings. Group Ordering helps drive large group orders and loyal, repeat business.

Here’s how it works: Using the Group Ordering feature, one staff person invites others to place an order online. Emails with direct links to the ordering interface are sent. Then, the organizer sends the complete order to your restaurant for delivery or pickup. The meal organizer has options to pay for the complete order, set a maximum dollar limit on individual orders, send reminders, cancel individual orders, and have individuals pay for their own tab.

Those with recurring meetings may choose to save invitee groups to easily begin the group ordering process when the next lunch meeting is scheduled. Remember the days when one person walked around the office with a printed menu to collect orders from colleagues, and then called the restaurant to place the order? Those days are gone forever with Group Ordering from Patronpath.

Restaurants benefit by:

  • Receiving large group orders.
  • Increasing reach by marketing to businesses, sales reps, meeting organizers.
  • Enjoying repeat business due to the ease of the invitation ordering process.

Patrons benefit by:

  • Having an easy way to organize a group lunch.
  • Saving time and hassle of prior methods to place large group orders.
  • Easily manage future orders by saving invitee groups.

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