Use Online Ordering to Drive More Takeout Orders

Increase Business, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Efficiency

restaurant-street800Looking for a way to increase business? Look no further than improving your takeout business. Takeout increases revenues and profits without the need to invest in operations or facility costs. And when you include online ordering for restaurants as your key strategy to drive your takeout business, you’ll see the following benefits:

Staff spends more time taking care of in-house customers
Shifting phone orders to online orders frees your staff from taking phone orders, allowing that time to be spent taking care of in-house customers.

Increased Order Frequency
Your customers find ordering online to be easy and convenient. Parents lead busy lives, increasing their frequency of ordering takeout. Ordering via mobile is popular among millennials and gaining popularity across all customer segments. The easy-to-read menu and features such as saving favorite items and favorite orders encourages multiple orders.

Increased Average Order Size
When ordering online, customers spend the time to peruse your entire menu and order items they may not have been aware of in the past. Your online menu also includes automatic upsells, increasing the average ticket and thus your overall profit.

Increased Order Accuracy
Online orders for takeout are more accurate, since the customer submits exactly what they want and the order is injected directly to your point of sale system. No language barriers or order entry mistakes.

In order to realize these benefits, you must market your takeout business accordingly. Promote the ability to order online both in-house and within your market area. Apply your branding to takeout containers and packaging, and train you staff to encourage customers placing orders via the telephone to try online ordering. Maintain a database and use email marketing to encourage repeat orders. Make a powerful impact with takeout!

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  • My friend has been wanting to open a restaurant and is trying to figure out any ways of adding revenue. You mentioned that when ordering online, customers spend the time to peruse your entire menu and order items they may not have been aware of in the past. Do most restaurants use this type of ordering system? It seems that if he opens a restaurant it would be beneficial to have this system.

  • Patronpath says:

    Thanks for the comment, Derek – please have your friend contact our sales department at and we can discuss further benefits specific to that business. Restaurants that use this type of ordering system are interested in having a direct relationship with the customer. Ordering on their own terms allows time to see the entire menu, leading to higher average tickets and repeat visits.
    – Marty
    Director of Marketing

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