Use Email and Text Marketing to Drive Online Ordering Sales

Increase Frequency Among Current Customers with Regular Communication

Email and Text MarketingOnline ordering for restaurants is more than configuring your point of sale and uploading your menu. “If you build it, he will come” was true and amazing in Field of Dreams – unfortunately the same does not hold true when referring to mobile and web ordering. Promote the ease and convenience of placing orders online to not only convert your phone traffic to web traffic but also to keep customers engaged and loyal.

Two excellent tools to promote online ordering are text message marketing, and email marketing. Patronpath offers these solutions in addition to online ordering to make it easy to communicate with those that have opted-in to receive marketing messages.

Text marketing works best to drive traffic right now. Use text marketing to:

  • Increase online ordering business. Send text subscriber only specials to build loyalty. Link directly to your ordering site from the text message to show patrons how easy it is to order quickly.
  • Increase in-store business. Want more people at your traditionally slow happy hour on Tuesday? Send a text message at 3:30pm to promote your 4pm – 6pm happy hour. Include a compelling offer and track the number of people showing the text message upon arrival.

Email marketing increases order frequency and keeps your best customers informed. Use email marketing to:

  • Increase loyalty by treating these customers to email-only specials.
  • Drive traffic to your online ordering site with short and relevant messaging.

When using email marketing and text message marketing, you leverage your online ordering customer database to increase sales. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

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