Patronpath Online Ordering Platform Features Responsive Design

Optimal Viewing Experience Enjoyed by Both Administrators and Patrons

Responsive DesignAs Patronpath design engineers contributed to the build of our online ordering for restaurants platform, the term “responsive design” was mentioned on a regular basis. What is responsive design? How is it intended to help the experience?

Responsive design is a way to design websites that enables the end viewer to receive the most optimal experience across the spectrum of devices from tablets, smartphones, and desktop monitors.

Historically, designers have been challenged with ever-increasing desktop screen resolution and compromised their designs based on the most popular screen size. As adoption of web based technologies increased, along with the explosion of mobile use, designers turned first to creating a “mobile version” as well as a “desktop version” and finally to responsive design to provide the best experience.

Responsive design results in design elements like images and text, page arrangement, forms, and even advertising to adapt appropriately based on the device being used. Text may increase or decrease in size, images may adjust or disappear if not critical to the content, and forms and buttons are sized appropriately.

Patrons using online ordering for restaurants sites in use by our clients now have an optimal user experience with responsive design to speed them through the ordering process, on to the cart, and to complete a purchase. All elements of the patron experience have been optimized to help our clients offer an experience that fosters loyalty, repeat visits, and increased revenue.

The Patronpath management console, in use by restaurants to manage their online ordering, is now the beneficiary of responsive design as well. Restaurant operators, by the nature of their work, need a simple interface via smartphone or tablet to manage all aspects of their online ordering operation. Our management console now fulfills this need.

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