Someburros Increases Check Size 50%

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Someburros Increases Online Ordering Check Size 50%



This Mexican eatery has an impressive track record of strong carry-out sales, making up about 25% of overall business. As part of this owner- operated family business, Amy Vasquez notes, “We saw things trending in the way of doing more online and we wanted to make ordering online more convenient for the many customers who prefer ordering online versus by phone.”

Armed with the desire to improve business operations and an understanding of how online ordering could bring a new level of convenience to their customers, all Amy needed was a set of partners to help make it happen.

Micros POS and Patronpath Online Ordering

As their established preferred POS provider, Account Manager Eric Van Kirk of Copperstate Restaurant Technologies guided Someburros towards Patronpath. “We usually recommend Patronpath to all of our MICROS customers due to its ease of installation and professional appearance.”

According to Amy, “We considered adding online ordering to our business for some time before implementing it in the fall of 2013. Our carryout business has always been a significant part of our sales – whether people come in to order takeout or place their order over the phone. However, we saw that people are trending toward doing more things from their computers and smartphones. We want to make ordering online as convenient as possible for our customers. We took this opportunity to unify the database across all six of our locations and decided to integrate Patronpath and Micros POS to bring Someburros customers online ordering.” See online ordering in action.


Amy states, “Staff is spending less time taking phone orders, which enables them to do other things, which makes us more productive.” Even better, bottom line results are impressive. The average online order amount across all six locations is $20.88. That compares to the average dine in and phone order of approximately $14.00. That’s a 50% higher average ticket!


The Micros / Patronpath Online Ordering combo make good business sense. Amy concludes, “We are confident that customers will find ordering online convenient and efficient and, as a business owner, I believe online ordering will make our business more productive and profitable as well. It’s a win-win!

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