Product News

Announcing Patronpath Call Center Services for Restaurants

Improve Employee Productivity and Restaurant Profits with Outsourced Call Center Technology With Patronpath Call Center Services, restaurants may now provide their customers with immediate response and timely results. A call center is a centralized place where phone calls from customers … Read More

Prevent Out of Stock Items from Being Ordered Online with 86ing

86ing Technology Knows When Items Are Sold Out Once you work in a restaurant, you are forever familiar with the kitchen lingo for “no longer available” – 86ing. A shout is heard, “Eighty-six the fries, we just ran out of … Read More

Order Throttling from Patronpath Helps Manage Incoming Orders

Order Pickup Times Adjusted Based On Kitchen Availability Are you concerned about overloading your kitchen’s capacity with an onslaught of incoming online orders during peak traffic times in the restaurant? While receiving a large number of orders may seem like … Read More