Use Online Ordering to Drive More Takeout Orders

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Increase Business, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Efficiency

restaurant-street800Looking for a way to increase business? Look no further than improving your takeout business. Takeout increases revenues and profits without the need to invest in operations or facility costs. And when you include online ordering for restaurants as your key strategy to drive your takeout business, you’ll see the following benefits:

Staff spends more time taking care of in-house customers
Shifting phone orders to online orders frees your staff from taking phone orders, allowing that time to be spent taking care of in-house customers.

Increased Order Frequency
Your customers find ordering online to be easy and convenient. Parents lead busy lives, increasing their frequency of ordering takeout. Ordering via mobile is popular among millennials and gaining popularity across all customer segments. The easy-to-read menu and features such as saving favorite items and favorite orders encourages multiple orders.

Increased Average Order Size
When ordering online, customers spend the time to peruse your entire menu and order items they may not have been aware of in the past. Your online menu also includes automatic upsells, increasing the average ticket and thus your overall profit.

Increased Order Accuracy
Online orders for takeout are more accurate, since the customer submits exactly what they want and the order is injected directly to your point of sale system. No language barriers or order entry mistakes.

In order to realize these benefits, you must market your takeout business accordingly. Promote the ability to order online both in-house and within your market area. Apply your branding to takeout containers and packaging, and train you staff to encourage customers placing orders via the telephone to try online ordering. Maintain a database and use email marketing to encourage repeat orders. Make a powerful impact with takeout!

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Announcing Patronpath Call Center Services for Restaurants

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Improve Employee Productivity and Restaurant Profits with Outsourced Call Center Technology

restaurant-people800With Patronpath Call Center Services, restaurants may now provide their customers with immediate response and timely results. A call center is a centralized place where phone calls from customers requesting carryout or delivery orders are handled. The Patronpath Call Center uses the custom application developed by Patronpath specifically for call center agents to quickly place customer orders. These orders are then injected directly to the restaurant’s supported point of sale system.

Can a call center improve my business?
Yes! As your restaurant receives more and more phone calls for takeout and delivery orders, your in-house employees are taken away from their primary responsibilities and may have a hard time keeping up with the demand. Save labor costs by outsourcing customer phone calls to the Patronpath  Call Center. Your in-house staff can then spend more time preparing food and serving customers inside the restaurant.

Do you already have a call center?
Your restaurant may already outsource to an existing call center. If so, ask us about our custom application developed specifically for call center agents. Our application enables your call center to quickly process orders, freeing your internal staff to focus on your in-house customers. If you already have a call center to handle online and call-in orders, or are thinking of adding one, you’ll appreciate how Patronpath helps increase your efficiency.

Contact CJ Teeter, client development director, to learn more about our:

  • Call center application for existing call center agents
  • Complete call center services for restaurants

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Online Ordering Feature: Set Your Closed Schedule In Advance

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Prevent Orders From Being Placed On Days Your Restaurant is Closed

city-restaurant-lunch-outside800Patronpath online ordering for restaurants includes a feature that provides restaurant owners the ability to set a closed schedule for days the business is closed – and therefore not taking and fulfilling online orders. No one wants to experience the disappointment that’s sure to occur when a favorite food order is placed online only to find out upon arrival that the establishment is closed.

A closed schedule can be created for dates years in advance. As a business operator, your known closed dates may be entered at any time. When a patron attempts to choose that date to pick up an order, a customized message appears notifying patrons that the restaurant is closed and not accepting online orders for pickup or delivery for that day.

If an unforeseen circumstance occurs and the restaurant needs to close outside the normal schedule of closed dates, the mobile and web ordering site can be closed immediately. This is a manual process and requires the site be reopened when the business is ready to resume normal operations.

Equally important is setting breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu availability times. Once a patron chooses a time for pickup or delivery, the online ordering interface only shows the food items in menus that are available at the time the patron selected. (This prevents patrons placing orders for lunch specials for pickup at 7:00pm.) The menu availability times are set up during the customer onboarding process and need only be modified if menu items become available during additional day parts.

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Patronpath Partners with LevelUp Mobile Loyalty & Payments

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Patronpath Partners with LevelUp Mobile Loyalty & Payments

Patronpath - LevelUp - Fresh To OrderINDIANAPOLIS (May 16, 2016) – Patronpath, an industry leader providing mobile and web ordering solutions for restaurants, announced today a partnership with LevelUp, a mobile loyalty and payments provider. Restaurants using the Patronpath mobile and web online ordering platform may now choose to include LevelUp as a payment option offered to patrons placing food orders online.

Fresh To Order, a “fine fast” casual dining restaurant, was among the first of Patronpath’s clients to take advantage of the LevelUp online payment option. Chief Operating Officer Jesse Gideon states, “Both in-store and online, our guests love the convenience of using LevelUp. When picking up the order, guests have no need to produce a form of payment or a loyalty card – making the transactions quick and seamless for both our guests and our operations team. The extra plus is the guest simultaneously earns loyalty rewards – thus improving the overall brand experience and increasing guest frequency.”

Here’s how it works: Patrons ordering food from a restaurant that uses the Patronpath mobile and web ordering platform encounter a payment option screen during checkout. Options for payment now include LevelUp from participating restaurants. Patrons login to an existing LevelUp account (linked to the credit card of their choice), or have the option to create a new LevelUp account. When the transaction is complete, the food can either be picked up or delivered.

“Offering LevelUp as a payment option makes our mobile and web ordering solution more valuable to our clients and potential clients,” said CJ Teeter, Client Development Director at Patronpath. “Today’s on-the-go consumer is driving the demand for mobile payment and our solution enables LevelUp and other providers to make mobile ordering even easier and more convenient.”

About LevelUp: LevelUp is building next-generation mobile experiences for over 200 brands in 14,000+ locations nationwide: empowering businesses to engage customers, grow sales and build a long-term scalable mobile strategy. LevelUp’s platform offers a broad range of customized functionality: mobile rewards, payments, native online ordering, customer relationship management and much more. For more information please visit

About Patronpath: Patronpath enables restaurants of all sizes to offer mobile and web ordering directly from their own websites and to engage with their customers online and on-the-go. Patronpath empowers restaurants to directly capture their share of the rapidly growing number of orders placed online, and to own their digital relationships with customers. Patronpath has been powering restaurants since 2004 with industry-leading online ordering solutions.

CONTACT: Marty Bird, Patronpath; 317.325.8873;

Patronpath Online Ordering Platform Features Responsive Design

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Optimal Viewing Experience Enjoyed by Both Administrators and Patrons

Responsive DesignAs Patronpath design engineers contributed to the build of our online ordering for restaurants platform, the term “responsive design” was mentioned on a regular basis. What is responsive design? How is it intended to help the experience?

Responsive design is a way to design websites that enables the end viewer to receive the most optimal experience across the spectrum of devices from tablets, smartphones, and desktop monitors.

Historically, designers have been challenged with ever-increasing desktop screen resolution and compromised their designs based on the most popular screen size. As adoption of web based technologies increased, along with the explosion of mobile use, designers turned first to creating a “mobile version” as well as a “desktop version” and finally to responsive design to provide the best experience.

Responsive design results in design elements like images and text, page arrangement, forms, and even advertising to adapt appropriately based on the device being used. Text may increase or decrease in size, images may adjust or disappear if not critical to the content, and forms and buttons are sized appropriately.

Patrons using online ordering for restaurants sites in use by our clients now have an optimal user experience with responsive design to speed them through the ordering process, on to the cart, and to complete a purchase. All elements of the patron experience have been optimized to help our clients offer an experience that fosters loyalty, repeat visits, and increased revenue.

The Patronpath management console, in use by restaurants to manage their online ordering, is now the beneficiary of responsive design as well. Restaurant operators, by the nature of their work, need a simple interface via smartphone or tablet to manage all aspects of their online ordering operation. Our management console now fulfills this need.

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Social Login Feature Allows Quick and Easy Registration

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Users Have Fewer Barriers, Better Overall Online Ordering Experience

Social Media LoginWith the release of our new online ordering for restaurants platform, we introduced a Social Login feature. What is social login? Simply put (thanks Wikipedia), social login is

“a form of single sign-on using existing login information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to sign into a third party website instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website.”

Many modern sites use social login, and Patronpath developers and product designers wanted to ensure the utmost in speed and convenience was available to our users. Using the social login feature eliminates the need for new usernames and passwords, allowing patrons to login using their existing social media identities. The social network passes to Patronpath only verified information needed to register the user, and no information is posted back to the social network. This increases the speed to the shopping cart, and encourages repeat visits.

Using social login offers these benefits:

  • Speeds up the registration process by removing barriers when users are presented with a registration form prior to placing an order.
  • Prevents the occurrence of forgotten passwords.
  • Decreases cart abandonment from those users that decline to register.
  • Provides a more trustworthy experience than filling out a form.
  • Provides control over what personal information users share.
  • Provides a more appealing experience for mobile users.

The benefit to our restaurant customers is more registrations, more repeat visits, and additional revenue from the online ordering channel! Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

Use Your Website and Social Media Marketing to Drive Online Ordering

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Plenty of Channels Available to “Be Where Your Customers Are”

Social MediaMarketing your business online begins at your website and extends to channels your customers and potential customers are most likely visiting. Those channels can be many, starting with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You might consider YouTube, Yelp, Foursquare, and Google+ to extend your presence further.

With online ordering for restaurants, you have a great opportunity to drive traffic to your web and mobile ordering site as well as directly to your physical location by regularly participating in social media marketing. Everyone has limited resources, so choose only two or three channels like your website, Facebook, and Twitter to get started. (Find an incredible amount of resources available when you Google “get started social media marketing.”)

Make the most of your carry out business when you promote mobile and web ordering via these social media channels. Remember, your business has much greater capacity than the number of tables in your restaurant. Embrace the channels your customers are visiting and watch your carry out sales grow!

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Use Email and Text Marketing to Drive Online Ordering Sales

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Increase Frequency Among Current Customers with Regular Communication

Email and Text MarketingOnline ordering for restaurants is more than configuring your point of sale and uploading your menu. “If you build it, he will come” was true and amazing in Field of Dreams – unfortunately the same does not hold true when referring to mobile and web ordering. Promote the ease and convenience of placing orders online to not only convert your phone traffic to web traffic but also to keep customers engaged and loyal.

Two excellent tools to promote online ordering are text message marketing, and email marketing. Patronpath offers these solutions in addition to online ordering to make it easy to communicate with those that have opted-in to receive marketing messages.

Text marketing works best to drive traffic right now. Use text marketing to:

  • Increase online ordering business. Send text subscriber only specials to build loyalty. Link directly to your ordering site from the text message to show patrons how easy it is to order quickly.
  • Increase in-store business. Want more people at your traditionally slow happy hour on Tuesday? Send a text message at 3:30pm to promote your 4pm – 6pm happy hour. Include a compelling offer and track the number of people showing the text message upon arrival.

Email marketing increases order frequency and keeps your best customers informed. Use email marketing to:

  • Increase loyalty by treating these customers to email-only specials.
  • Drive traffic to your online ordering site with short and relevant messaging.

When using email marketing and text message marketing, you leverage your online ordering customer database to increase sales. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

Post Transaction Tipping Feature

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Delivery Drivers May Now Add Tips to Credit Card Transactions

Delivery DriverThe Patronpath development team is acutely aware of the feedback received from customers. A recent upgrade to the Patronpath online ordering for restaurants platform included a new feature based on customer feedback called Post Transaction Tipping. The bottom line with this feature is that delivery drivers are now able to include tips in the original credit card transaction.

Patrons ordering for delivery often wait until the order is actually delivered to add a tip. Prior to the new post transaction tipping feature, the only way for the driver to collect tips was via cash upon delivery. This presented real difficulty when patrons wanted to use their credit card to tip the driver.

  • With the post transaction tipping feature enabled:
  • The credit card transaction remains open and the driver presents the check to the patron upon food delivery.
  • The patron adds the tip to the check and returns it to the driver.
  • The driver returns to the restaurant and the final transaction is totaled and closed.

The new post transaction tipping feature is just one of the many ways Patronpath customers continue to benefit from our ever evolving and improving service. Learn more about Patronpath mobile and web ordering and be sure to contact us at

Add Google Analytics to Mobile and Web Ordering for Greater Business Insights

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Ecommerce Tracking Enables Restaurants to Collect and Analyze Purchase and Transaction Data

Google AnalyticsWith all the tools available to help track return on investment, there is no better time than now to be a data-driven marketer. We welcome the ability to see exactly how investments in marketing affect the bottom line. With today’s tools, gone are the days when marketing budgets and marketers only had vague accountability and little visibility into the performance of their programs and decisions. For customers who use Patronpath online ordering for restaurants, Google Analytics is available to track and collect data to help determine how your decisions affect the bottom line.

The Patronpath management console allows for your Google Analytics tracking code to be entered, opening up reports that analyze purchase activity, product and transaction information, average order value, ecommerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other data. Insights into your business include conversion rate, number of transactions, total revenue, average order value, number of unique purchases, and much more. You’ll even see cart abandonment rates, mobile vs web behavior, device and browser type, and many performance related reports.

Google constantly updates their tools and provides excellent help resources. Ask us how to enable Google Analytics with Ecommerce Tracking and get a much deeper understanding of what products are selling online to help you in your marketing efforts. Be careful though – once these reports are enabled, the analytical side of your brain may take over, and before you know it you’ll spend an entire afternoon pouring over your data!

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