Menu Synchronization Makes Managing Your Online Ordering Menu Easy

Beat the Frustration of Keeping Your Menu Updated with Patronpath Menu Sync

Menu SyncMenu management across various channels is an ongoing frustration among restaurateurs. Think of it – the menu of record is on the point of sale computer, but that menu – or parts of it – need to be displayed

  • on the website,
  • across social media channels like Facebook and Yelp,
  • and printed on in-store menus and carry-out menus.

Then, along comes online ordering for restaurants and an entirely new channel is opened where the menu has to be updated when changes occur.

Patronpath mobile and web ordering includes an optional feature we call Menu Sync. It performs exactly how you think it might – synchronizing your point of sale menu with your online ordering menu. After the initial setup, only those items you wish to include in your online menu are synchronized automatically at a frequency you determine. This saves tons of time and ensures your online ordering customers see exactly what you intend. It works like magic!

Learn about more of the industry leading features Patronpath offers the restaurant industry and be sure to contact us at

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