Patronpath Online Ordering for Restaurants Prints To Web Printers and Fax Machines

Dust off the fax machine, online ordering works great! (Web printers, too.)

restaurant-people-feet-legs800For restaurants that have yet to invest in a supported point of sale system, Patronpath offers the same web and mobile online ordering service to print orders to your fax machine or web connected printer.

We work with and are happy to support restaurant businesses of all sizes. In fact, many of our current clients rely upon the consistent and accurate web and mobile orders they receive via fax machine or web printer every day to supplement breakfast, lunch, and dinner revenue. Our most successful customers include online ordering in their standard daily operating procedures by:

  • Making sure the fax or web printer is turned on and connected to the phone line or internet.
  • Monitoring ink and paper levels and replacing when needed.
  • Monitoring incoming mobile and web orders for fulfillment.
  • Informing the shift manager of any 86’ed menu items so they may be excluded from the online menu via the Patronpath management console.

Patronpath online ordering for restaurants includes automatic notification of order placement via phone call, text notification, and email message, so restaurant staff knows to check the printer or fax machine. The prep schedule within the management console determines the exact time the order prints in the restaurant so they are received at the right time to make restaurant operations run smoothly.

Learn more about Patronpath online ordering for restaurants and contact us at

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