Managing Large Incoming Mobile and Web Orders is Easy with Order Notification

You Choose the Dollar Amount to Trigger the Large Order Notification

Order NotificationNeed to stay on top of large online orders? With Large Order Notification from Patronpath, notices may be sent to your restaurant via email, automated phone call, or text message. You choose the dollar amount as a trigger. These notices come in immediately when the online order is placed, allowing ample time for your operation to properly fulfill the order. In addition, no matter the dollar amount, a copy of every order placed is sent to the email addresses of your choice at the time of order placement.

To most efficiently fulfill orders, incoming mobile and web orders appear in the point of sale at just the right time for the order to be prepared for pickup or delivery to the customer, as if entered by a staff member. The same holds true for orders sent to the restaurant via fax and web printer – the order prints only when ready for fulfillment based on the preparation times entered in the management console.

Don’t be surprised by a large incoming order – ask us about Large Order Notification from Patronpath. Learn more and contact us at

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