Prevent Out of Stock Items from Being Ordered Online with 86ing

86ing Technology Knows When Items Are Sold Out

Once you work in a restaurant, you are forever familiar with the kitchen lingo for “no longer available” – 86ing. A shout is heard, “Eighty-six the fries, we just ran out of potatoes!” and everyone on staff shared the news. The manager updates the POS computer, and if customers try to order that item, they are told it is no longer available.

Now, enter technology. How does the online ordering system know when an item has been sold out? How do you prevent online patrons for ordering that item? During a lunch or dinner rush, there is simply no time to login to the management console and mark the item as unavailable. (And then remember to mark it as available once it’s back in stock.) With 86ing from Patronpath, once the POS system is updated to exclude the item, the online ordering menu is updated as well. Automatically, seamlessly, painlessly.

Simply put, 86ing prevents online patrons for ordering items that are marked out of stock on your POS system. The items become available online when the POS system is updated.

Would 86ing from Patronpath prevent some headaches in your operation? Learn more and contact us at

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