Order Throttling from Patronpath Helps Manage Incoming Orders

Order Pickup Times Adjusted Based On Kitchen Availability

Are you concerned about overloading your kitchen’s capacity with an onslaught of incoming online orders during peak traffic times in the restaurant? While receiving a large number of orders may seem like a good problem to have, saturating capacity may lead to increased wait times and frustrated customers. Order throttling solves this problem.

Working in conjunction with the prep time schedule (allocating more prep time during known peak time periods), order throttling dynamically adjusts pickup times based on the total dollar value or number of orders placed within a certain period of time. The prep time schedule is static, and sets a predetermined amount of time required to prepare an order based on a range of dollar values on individual orders. The prep time schedule is based on the restaurant’s historical knowledge.

With order throttling, a quota is placed on the dollar value or number of orders accepted online within a given time frame. When the quota is reached, pickup times available for new online orders are automatically adjusted. Patrons receive an accurate representation of pickup times and your kitchen staff is given a reasonable amount of time to prepare orders for pickup or delivery.

Would order throttling benefit your operation? Learn more and contact us at patronpath.com.

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